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Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities and Counties Cooperation (LVRLACC)

Strenghening Local Authorities for Sustainable Development


Enhancing the Role of Local Authorities in Promoting Sustainable Development in the LVB 'Enhancing the Role of the Local Authorities in promoting sustainable development in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB) is a project designed toimprove the environmental status and reduce vulnerabilities to climate change amongst Lakeshore communities in the Lake Victoria Basin. It is financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) under the Strategy for Regional Cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa and is primarily aligned to the Sida focus area of environment, climate change and shared natural resources.

The Project seeks to position the Local Authorities as lead development actors in the achievement of the shared Vision of the Lake Victoria Basin. It intends to strengthen the institutional profiles of the member Local Authorities and boost LVRLAC's capacity to influence national and regional policies and programmes aimed at improving the environment and reducing climate induced vulnerabilities of the Lake Shore Communities. This is to be done by strengthening the partnership between the Local Authorities and the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) to harness increased benefits from regional development processes in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB).

The LVBC is the EAC institution charged with the mandate of coordinating sustainable development affairs in the LVB. Already a Memorandum of understanding has been signed between LVRLAC and LVBC on how to access and use the Lake Victoria Basin Partnership Fund and other LVBC resources to implement policies and programmes to achieve the shared vision of the LVB. In addition, the project seeks to mainstream regional and national climate change response strategies into the Local Authorities' Environmental Plans. Once mainstreamed, it is envisaged that the Local Authorities will be well placed to compete for the climate change resources as their efforts will be a direct contribution to the national objectives. The project will also facilitate creation of a platform for sharing and utilization of knowledge and information on governance and sustainable development.

This platform will make it possible for the local authorities to share best practices and experiences, carry out self assessments and partner with Local Authorities in other parts of the world in areas pertaining to good governance and sustainable development.


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